Staithes Harbour Order 1932: (Summary)
Constitution of Commissioners: 7.(1) The appointment and election of Commissioners shall be regulated as follows:-

The Commissioners shall be appointed / elected:
a} 4 appointed by N.E. Fisheries ( Now NEIFCA):
b} 1 appointed by North Riding CC (Now Scarborough Borough Council}:
c} 1 appointed by Minister for Agriculture Fisheries & Food ( Now Hinderwell Parish Council, variation order by MAFF 1992}:
d} 4 elected Fishermen from Staithes:
e} 2 elected Fishermen from Runswick


1} Fishermen’s Commissioners are to be elected by the ‘Registered Fishermen’ of the respected villages. Elections are to be held every 3 years.
2} Fishermen i.e. any person who is owner or part owner of a fishing boat in respect of which the dues have been paid or who wholly or partly derives his livelihood from sea fishing in such boat.
3} The quorum is 6 for matters relating to finances & 5 for other matters.