The Staithes Harbour Vessel Registration Form can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the link below (opens in a new tab):


Alternatively, forms can be obtained from Sean Baxter at White House in Church Street or David Hanson at Lindisfarne in Church Street.

Rules & Regulations Relating To The Use Of Staithes Harbour & Beck

1:  All mooring in the harbour or beck is at the sole discretion of the Harbour Commissioners and entirely at a boat owner’s own risk.

2: Valid third-party insurance is compulsory and proof of insurance must be produced annually. Harbour dues are due from 1st April and payable by the 1st May in each year. Failure to pay on time will lead to forfeiture of the berth.

3:  The Commissioners will remove any moorings laid without permission.

4:  No mooring can be passed on as part of a sale or as part of a change of ownership.

5: When boats leave their mooring, no ropes are to be left obstructing the beck.  If mooring ropes are left, they are to be securely stowed either onto a mooring post or on the Beck-side in such a manner so as not to cause nuisance to others.

6:  Any boat-owner wishing to replace their vessel must apply in writing to the Commissioners giving details of the proposed vessel i.e. length, breadth, draft and material of construction.

7: If a vessel is disposed of then the boat owner shall replace it with an approved vessel by the following 31st March or the berth shall be lost. The Commissioners may in their absolute discretion, permit the berth to be kept if the Commissioners are reasonably satisfied that the owner is actively trying to find a suitable replacement vessel.

8: New applicants for a permanent mooring must satisfy the Commissioners that they are full time residents of the parish of Hinderwell. If the owner (or in the case of co-owners all of them) cease to be full-time residents, then the berth shall be forfeit and the vessel removed from the harbour.

9: Applications for a mooring for a licensed fishing boat must be made by the licence holder.

10: Leisure Boats are permitted to moor on the East breakwater on a temporary basis when unable to return to their own moorings or overnight in order to mitigate difficult tides.

11: Vessels entering or leaving the Harbour are not to exceed 5 Knots.

12:  Dinghy’s are to be identified by a number issued by SHB.

13: Dinghy’s are not to obstruct access to the slipway for vehicles and when not in use to be stored on the short slipway or sand.

14: Permit holders must not park in such a manner so as to prevent vehicular access to the slipway. Failure to comply may lead to the withdrawal of parking permits.

15: Parking Permits are for the sole use of the holder and may only be used when the boat is in use or being serviced. They must not be loaned out to non-permit holders to park vehicles. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the withdrawal of the permit.

16: At the absolute discretion of the Harbour Commissioners a transition period will be allowed for the sale of a vessel and the purchase of a replacement. However, any time beyond this period a second vessel moored in the beck will be charged at the visitor’s rate of £10/day. During this transition period the vessel must remain in the ownership of the berth holder, have appropriate insurance and will incur pro-rata harbour dues

17: The “upper limit” for recreational boats is 8 metres.

18: In the event that a mooring has not been occupied for 2 consecutive years, the Commissioners may at their discretion re-allocate it even when harbour dues are being paid for the mooring. The berth holder will be informed and will have a period not exceeding 30 days in which to appeal the decision.

By order of Staithes Harbour Board March 2024

WARNING Please be aware that depositing fish offal in Staithes Harbour or Beck is prohibited!

Offenders may be subject to prosecution and further action may be taken by Staithes Harbour Board.

By Order of Staithes Harbour Board 2018

Please also see the Staithes Harbour Order 1932